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Magnetic eyeliner and lashes kit 01

Magnetic eyeliner and magnetic eyelashes:

Innovative product technology, faster, lighter and more convenient

The best magnetic eyeliner on the market

Safety: All our products are good food grade and certified by SGS;

Stability: Our products pass the stability test;

OEM and ODM services

How to use magnetic eyeliner:

1. Shake the bottle before use

2. use finishing power before magnetic eyeliner and keep skin dry

3. Apply eyeliner 2-3 times, make it thicker at both end. Wait for a moment till eyeliner dry out.  After one time, dip the eyeliner again.

4. Wear lashes: find correct position firstly, start from inner corner, lashes will become sticky to the eyeliner, then gently to middle and to the end.

5. Press lash down to set it . Dont move lashes back and forth . If the lashes can not match perfect. Pls re-wear it .

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Product Detail

Our Factory

Jennie Lahes has rich experience in manufacturing of eyelashes own two factories . We have a professional QC team to Guarantee The Best Quality In The World .We supply to cosmetologist, eyelash technician, makeup Artist, false eyelash line distributor or business owner interested in selling eyelash extensions or strip lashes .We have a special offer to You , inquiry now!

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